Which Massage is Better: Thai or Deep Tissue?

It really depends on what therapy it is. The first difference you'll notice between a Thai massage and classic Western styles is the lack of equipment. While Swedish and deep tissue massages are performed on a massage table, Thai massages are performed on a mat. This allows the customer a fuller range of motion, which is useful.

Because unlike Western massage styles, you won't just be lying on your back or on your stomach when you get a Thai massage. Neither will your masseuse, who gets an even greater advantage by being on the floor rather than hunched over a table. During a Thai massage, the masseuse moves around and above the client to access a wider range of angles in each part of the body, even in cases where the client is much larger than the masseuse. Instead of using only the hands, fists, forearms and elbows, the Swedish masseuse's usual tools, the Thai masseuse can generally use her legs and feet during the massage.

They often use a combination of both to gain an advantage by starting deep stretches of the client's arms, legs, hips and shoulders.

Thai massage

works the whole body through a sequence of movements similar to yogic stretches. The therapist will use the palms of the hands and fingers to apply firm pressure to the body. They will also stretch and twist you in various positions.

With these two, you can expect a similar level of intensity. The differences boil down to a matter of style. Deep tissue massage tends to be quite specific, while Thai massage is more of a full body experience. Both focus on similar concerns, so it's about personal preferences.

If you want to participate and be active in your massage, opt for Thai. The deep tissue will be more passive on your part, and your masseuse will go through all the hard patios. Thai massage also improves circulation, providing more oxygen to muscles and other tissues. This can prevent injuries and improve an athlete's ability to recover after intense training.

A Thai massage can be done on a mat on the floor, in a room with a good view in a spa center, or even on the path of a park where tourists can sit in a chair and get fully dressed. People who have cancer, are pregnant, or are recovering from surgery should not have a Thai massage. For example, in some cases, a Thai masseuse stands on the client's back and uses flexible feet instead of stiff forearms to knead the back muscles. The masseuse focuses on the flow of energy or on the joints of the body to improve energy efficiency within the body, so it has more healing effects than Swedish massage.

Usually, your massage therapist will decide which essential oils to use, but you can let them know if you have any preferences. And of course, some of the health benefits and principles of Thai are more spiritual in nature, especially when it comes to energy flow. It has a slightly more healing effect than Swedish massage, which focuses more on relaxation, mainly using long movements and rubbing techniques to relieve stress and pain. If you've had pain in your calves or other parts of your leg, see a doctor before having a massage.

Your therapist can hold a stone while massaging different parts of the body using Swedish massage techniques with gentle pressure. To increase the flow of energy through the senses, your Thai masseuse will move your body in a wide variety of different yoga-like poses, while pulling and balancing your body in a variety of ways. Thai massage specifically can help improve range of motion and flexibility, as well as reduce pain and stiffness. There are some key differences between Thai massage techniques and the regular methods traditionally practiced by Western masseurs.

The researchers concluded that Thai massage is more effective in reducing stress in healthy people than simply resting. During the massage, you will lie on your side or on a specially designed table with a cut for the abdomen. However, that feeling may take a minute to arrive: some people feel a little sore in the hours after a Thai massage, but wake up the next day much more mobile. A Thai massage, on the other hand, focuses more on various movements, stretches similar to yoga and, in many cases, the masseuse will stand on her back and use her feet to apply additional pressure to the target areas.

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