A Comprehensive Guide to Massage Types in Bangkok

Who doesn't love a massage in Bangkok? From traditional Thai massage to relaxing oil massages, there is something for everyone. Thai massage is the most popular type of massage in Bangkok and is considered a branch of traditional Thai medicine. Other types of massage available in Bangkok include oil and aromatherapy, facial massage, foot massage, reflexology, Thai spas and massage parlors, and traditional Thai massage Wat Po. Thai massage is an acquired taste, especially for those used to gentle Swedish massages.

The center of Thai massage is Wat Pho in the old town, which houses a massage school. If you book an oil massage in Bangkok, you can expect a Balinese massage. This is a very soothing and relaxing form of massage that increases circulation. The masseuse will use oils to knead and caress the skin.

Along with a Thai or oil massage, the option of applying a compressing Thai herbal ball is often offered. Foot massage in Bangkok is also very popular and widely available. Unlike reflexology, foot massage generally has the sole purpose of relaxation. The masseuse will often use oils and massage from the toes to the shins and calves.

Ayurvedic massage is another type of massage available in Bangkok. This ancient practice involves hard body massages using dosha oil, a blend of essential oils tailored to each individual client. It is sometimes followed by a steam and an exfoliant. For those looking for something more “naughty”, there are places where you can expect a blow job with your oil massage. Treatments offered include oil massages, traditional Thai products, herbal and foot compresses, enzyme scrubs, facials and herbal treatments.

On-demand treatments range from foot massage to traditional Thai massage to hot oil massage, Swedish, aromatherapy and sports massage. One of the most luxurious offers is the 90-minute golden Siamese massage for 4500 baht. This oil massage uses Thai techniques and ends with a wrap for hands and feet as well as a gold leaf on the face to “oxygenate” the skin. Ai Sa Waan is another fabulous spa in the Siam area that stands out for its excellent traditional Thai massages as well as reflexology and aromatherapy oils, body and foot scrubs. Wat Pho is the ideal place to get a traditional Thai massage if you're feeling tired after a day of sightseeing. Anothai Massage near the Grand Palace offers reasonable prices with friendly staff and a clean environment.

Ruamm Spa on Khao San Road is considered the best place for massages on this street. In addition to traditional Thai massages, they offer relaxing oils, stimulating foot massages, Swedish massages and Shirodhara. Swedish massages use gentle strokes and rubbing instead of hands, fists, forearms and elbows. The Sofitel hotel spa offers professional hygienic treatments such as massages, facial and body treatments and beauty programs. Sabai Corner Spa near Chong Nonsi BTS Station offers skillful massages at reasonable prices.

THANN Sanctuary at Siam Square 1 offers exclusive 90-minute massages using essential oils. Massage prices in Bangkok start at around 300 baht but may vary depending on services and location. Oasis Spa in Sukhumvit offers luxurious treatments such as real Thai massages, foot reflexology, Thai herbs, aromatherapy, Swedish sports and shiatsu.

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