Yoga and Massage: The Perfect Combination for Stress Relief

Receiving a massage and practicing yoga are two of the most popular wellness practices, and when combined, they offer the perfect combination for relieving stress. Massage lowers blood pressure and heart rate, allowing muscles throughout the body to relax, while yoga improves breathing, energy and vitality. Together, they can help reduce lactic acid, increase circulation and lymphatic drainage, extend yoga stretches, amplify the asanas and relieve tension that restricts joint mobility. For long-term treatment of back pain, staying active is a much better prescription than simply relying on pain relievers. Some practitioners argue that yoga is comparable to self-massage.

While there may be some truth in that, the fact is that nothing compares to relaxing, letting go, and receiving a conscious, loving, and intentional touch from an expert massage therapist. Yoga can be practiced before or after a massage. The benefits of yoga before a massage are the reduction of lactic acid, increased circulation and lymphatic drainage. A massage before yoga is advantageous, since it extends yoga stretches, amplifies the asanas and relieves tension that restricts joint mobility. Thanks to its powers to relieve tension and induce concentration, massage can also facilitate presence and concentration during the yoga session, improving the meditative effects of yoga.

If you get a massage after a yoga session, you'll benefit greatly from the reduction in lactic acid that accumulates in the body after exercise. It is imperative to maintain the deeper state of relaxation achieved with a massage by performing gentle exercises such as meditative yin yoga or restorative yoga, which focuses on improving the connection between mind and body. There's no doubt that combining yoga and massage is hugely beneficial, regardless of the combination you choose. With up to 80 massage options to choose from, deciding on a specific form of massage after yoga can be difficult to do. Yoga socks are great for keeping your feet in the correct position and preventing them from slipping during practice. Yoga is an active practice that allows you to be the “doer”; it is through your movement and effort that your body reaches a state of tranquility and openness, and develops strength.

It is important to note that you avoid practicing vigorous forms of exercise such as ashtanga or vinyasa yoga which require intense and physically challenging postures that interfere with the alignment work done during a therapeutic massage. There's nothing better than Zen bliss and the deep level of tranquility of a massage after a physically challenging power yoga session. My website is an online yoga resource for beginners to explore yoga poses, meditation techniques, and more. Overall, combining yoga with massage can offer long-term relief from back pain by strengthening and relieving tension in your back muscles. Who knows? Maybe I'll even take my mother. After all, he's shared a lot with me, so I might as well tell him about my new favorite treatment for muscle pain.

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