What to Wear for a Thai Massage Oil Session

When it comes to receiving a Thai massage, you will remain fully clothed throughout the session. It is important to wear comfortable clothing that can be easily stretched and flat shoes. If you don't have time to change after work, at least wear smaller heels. Don't forget to tie up your long hair, especially if you're getting an oil massage, so that it doesn't come in contact with the aromatic oils.

Oil massage is a private matter and you may be asked to undress. However, with Thai massage, you are expected to wear loose-fitting clothing and the therapist will massage your legs, feet, shoulders and neck with your clothes on. Soap massage is similar to oil massage and you may be asked to undress completely. If you're shy, you can leave your underwear on or cover your private parts with a small towel.

We also have clothes that you can wear during your massage session. After the first traditional Thai massage, you may feel some muscle pain but it should go away within a few hours. Without exception, even in some less sanitary places, the massage bed, towels and bits have always been impeccably clean. Oil massage is one of the most popular types of massage and is a special favorite for male clients.

Whether you choose a Swedish massage or an aromatherapy massage, a Thai massage or a deep tissue massage, they are all designed to relax and reduce muscle tension and stress levels. Even in Germany, where I was working as a part-time masseuse, a client asked me for additional treatment after the massage. It's funny, I'm reading this because I think I just twisted a muscle playing with my son Peter, the wife should be able to fix me. She gives the best massage I've received in 10 years in Thailand, so I married her, 1 son and 9 years of marriage, she still does the business.

It's still in progress, Peter, I hope to get back to normal this weekend, there's no other massage that gets the results than a Thai massage. Paying more for a massage doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to experience something better because it all depends on the masseuse's skills. Many people believe that the health benefits of Thai massage include reducing stress, increasing energy and improving athletic performance. Oil massage in Thailand will cost you from 200 baht (approximately four pounds sterling) for a one-hour session.

If the pain has eased but has not disappeared or if you have a very active lifestyle, it is appropriate to repeat the massage after 3 days. Clothing also prevents so-called skin burns since massaging skin to skin (without using oils) can easily cause an unpleasant burning sensation in the customer. While Swedish and deep-tissue massages are performed on a massage table, Thai massages are performed on a rug. The first difference you'll notice between a Thai massage and classic Western styles is the lack of equipment.

It is important that you wear loose and comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely since the therapist will place you in different positions and yoga-like stretches.

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