What to Expect from a Thai Massage and How Essential Oils Play a Role

Thai massage is a great way to make you feel better both mentally and physically. It has the power to make you feel renewed with positive energy and to rejuvenate your body quickly, which is key to living a healthy lifestyle. Unlike Swedish massage, Thai massage does not use any oil and you are fully clothed while receiving the massage. The therapist will apply pressure along the meridian lines of your body and stretch you during the massage.

Patients usually start lying on their backs with their faces up, while the therapist begins massaging their feet and continues to move their legs, applying pressure with a rhythmic and oscillating movement with the palms of the hands and thumbs. Oil massage is more relaxing, but Thai massage is ideal when you need to deepen and remove some stiffness. If you want to enjoy a full recovery from a long-standing medical condition, one of the most effective ways is to receive a Thai massage from a quality service provider. The stretching combined with the deep acupressure of a Thai massage solves all the knots like no other massage you've ever received.

Oil massages in Thailand are very similar to Western massages, except that the therapist usually includes some Thai massage techniques and uses stronger pressure. Beyond the first semester, pregnant women should see a doctor and talk to their Thai masseuse to ensure that the session is safe. If you have any health problems and are not sure if Thai massage is right for you, check with your doctor. Now, speaking of Thai massage, apart from pressure treatment and movements, the factor that makes a big difference is the use of essential oils.

Jasmine is one of the most popular essential oils, which acts as a highly effective antidepressant and antiseptic. According to Seely, Thai massage is popular among athletes and sports enthusiasts as a recovery method. In fact, these essential oils play a critical role and have a truly magical impact on the mind, body and spirit. Papaya essential oil is extremely rich in Omega 9 essential fatty acids and this makes papaya oil another extremely popular essential oil used by experts in aromatic oil massages in Hobart or elsewhere.

There are several different types of Thai massage, but perhaps the 2 most common are traditional Thai massage and oil massage. Your Thai massage will begin with a loose shirt and fishing pants that will be tied with a rope. There are enough stretches during a typical Thai massage that the discipline is jokingly called Lazy Man's Yoga.

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