What is the Professional Name for a Massage Therapist?

The term 'masseuse' is a French word that refers to a female practitioner of massage. Men in the industry are known as massage therapists. Massage is a form of therapy that involves manipulating the muscles and other tissues of a patient's body to reduce pain and increase flexibility. Those who successfully complete all the necessary steps can obtain certification from the National Therapeutic Massage and Body Work Certification Board. There are various ways to do this, one of which is known as massage therapy.

According to the National Institutes of Health, massage therapy is used to “help control a health condition or improve well-being”. In addition to licenses, the most common terms for people who provide massages in a professional setting are 'masseuse' for women and 'massage therapist' for men. This type of massage typically involves kneading, rolling, twisting and lifting the soft tissue being worked on. In the United States, you can look for the initials LMT (licensed massage therapist) or BCTMB (board certification in therapeutic massage and bodywork) on your doctor's business card or other official media outlet. There is also a type of massage called Swedish massage, which is a full-body treatment.

It is regulated by a non-profit organization that exists solely to ensure that massage therapists meet the highest possible standards. Regulations vary by location, but in most places in the US, massage therapists must complete a certain number of credit hours in a university setting, pass a background check and pass an exam. Swedish massage got its name due to confusion over similar techniques used by Mezger and Per Henril Ling, a Swedish doctor and fencing instructor who also developed techniques similar to those of massage to relieve sore muscles. Thai massage combines assisted yoga with acupressure or pressure points and traditional knowledge of the body. To say that someone is such a good friend that they are a massage therapist will definitely confuse people.

This particular style of massage was created in the early 19th century by Dutch doctor Johann Geog Mezger and has nothing to do with Sweden.

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