What Not to Do During a Massage

When you're ready for your massage, let us know by getting out of the room. Although you can't always predict when your immune system will fail, it's best to cancel the massage if you're feeling unwell. A one-hour massage puts the body and mind into a state of relaxation, so it's better to let them remain in that state rather than “waking them up”. Furthermore, engaging in any strenuous activity, such as going to the gym, can cause muscle injury.

According to Kinesiology: the skeletal system and muscle function, 3rd ed. and Manual therapy for the lower back and pelvis: an orthopedic approach (201), massage should be done on the right side of the neck. Advanced treatment techniques for the manual therapist: neck (201) also suggest that you should ask your therapist if you want more or less pressure. Joseph E.

Permit also recommends that massage should be done to the full width of the target area.

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