How Much Does a Massage in Bangkok Cost?

Are you looking for a massage in Bangkok? With hundreds of massage spas scattered throughout the city, it can be hard to know where to start. Prices vary depending on the type of massage you're looking for, but on average, a one-hour Thai massage costs between 200 and 300 baht. If you're looking for something more luxurious, there are plenty of high-end spas that offer traditional Thai massages and foot massages combined with herbal treatments for as little as 450 baht. For those who want to explore the naughty side of Bangkok, there are plenty of massage parlours along Sukhumvit Road and Soi 22 that offer services such as prostate and tantric massages.

Most massage shops will speak basic English and prices will be announced outside the store. It's best to have a few cheap beers in bars and then look for a girl in one of the nightclubs. If you're looking for a sense of luxury at an affordable price, the At Ease massage is an excellent option. Located within Bangkok's prestigious COMO metropolitan center, this spa is one of the best options for travelers seeking a variety of massage techniques.

The Zen Tara Massage & Spa is another place in the Pratunam area that offers great prices and great service. Health Land Spa is a favorite chain of massage parlours among locals for its clean, high-quality facilities and fair prices. Sayamon Massage offers a complete, high-quality Thai massage or foot massage for just 200 baht. Ruen Nuad Massage Studio offers a combination of authentic Thai and herbal massage that enhances the experience to a whole new level.

And if you're looking for something truly extraordinary, the Herbal Massage & spa of the Asian Herbal Association offers numerous treatments using traditional Thai herbs grown on an organic farm.

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